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The Aboriginal Canada Portal closed February 12, 2013. The Digital Aboriginals of True North Turtle Island have intervened. Please visit this web page for more information.

Language, Heritage and Culture

General Programs and Services
This section contains links pertaining government and non-government services for Aboriginal people related to languages, heritage and culture. It also contains links to funding programs, resources, collections, museums and art resources concerning Aboriginal people.
This section contains links to sites of Aboriginal dancers, performers, actors, musicians and visual artists across Canada.
Heritage and Traditions
This section gives access to links pertaining to history, culture, traditional knowledge, historical sites and events. It also contains links to information about archaeology, sociology and archives pertaining to Aboriginal people.
This section contains links to information on Aboriginal languages across Canada. It also contains links to on-line dictionaries, laws and programs related to language preservation.
Media and Multimedia
This section offers links to publications, multimedia, online news, Aboriginal publishing houses, Aboriginal radio stations, stations with Aboriginal content, television, films and videos.
Places and Organizations
This section provides links to organizations, associations and collections pertaining to Aboriginal art and culture. It also contains links to Aboriginal art galleries and places where Aboriginal culture is promoted.
Sports and Recreation
This section contains links to Aboriginal sports organizations, clubs and centres. It also contains links to Web pages of famous Aboriginal athletes.

For more information on programs and services available to all Canadians, please visit the following Web site: Canadian Heritage.