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The Aboriginal Canada Portal closed February 12, 2013. The Digital Aboriginals of True North Turtle Island have intervened. Please visit this web page for more information.

Audience Information

This section contains information on Aboriginal Elders. Users will find categories such as Elder Councils and Gathering Places, Notable Elders, Health and Social Services, Justice and Rights and Traditional Knowledge.
This section offers resources on Aboriginal culture for the amusement and instruction of children. Among other things, you will find songs, legends, traditions, inventions and stories.
This section gives you access to Aboriginal women's groups and programs and services for Aboriginal women under Professional Development and Employment, Health and Social Services and Justice and Women's Rights. It also contains links to categories such as Language, Heritage and Culture, Outstanding Women and Policy, Research and Statistics.
This subsection contains links to employment and training programs, health services and other services for Aboriginal youth (i.e. up to age 30). It also has links to youth associations, interest groups and research papers on issues related to Aboriginal youth.