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The Aboriginal Canada Portal closed February 12, 2013. The Digital Aboriginals of True North Turtle Island have intervened. Please visit this web page for more information.

Client Services Outline

The Aboriginal Canada Portal (ACP) is your single window to First Nations, Inuit and Métis on-line resources, contacts, information, and government programs and services in Canada. As such, the ACP does not develop any content. Instead, it provides links to external Internet sites that are developed independently (see the Our Links section for selection criteria).

Nevertheless, the ACP provides client services to help clients find information. The role of client service officers is to help clients find Web resources that will likely guide them in their searches. This information is obtained from the ACP site or other Web sites. Officers also redirect calls to other federal, provincial, municipal and non-government organizations with Aboriginal portfolios that may be of help to clients.

As Web resource experts, ACP officers will be able to direct you to the organization or association most likely to answer your questions. Below are some examples of requests ACP officers frequently receive and the response probably provided to clients:

Example 1

Question: A client would like to contact the Pauingassi First Nation Band Council in Manitoba.
Answer: The ACP officer will provide the Band Council's telephone number and e-mail address.
Information on Pauingassi First Nation

Example 2

Question: An Aboriginal client would like to know whether his non-Aboriginal spouse is eligible for the same health care benefits.
Answer: The ACP officer will provide the phone number for the appropriate provincial office of Health Canada's, which is the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch. The program's e-mail address could also be provided, if preferred.
Contact the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
Contact the Assistant Deputy Minister's Office (Program's e-mail address)

Example 3

Question: A client identifies herself as a Métis and would like to look up her family tree to confirm her status.
Answer: The ACP officer will redirect this client towards Library and Archives Canada's Canadian Genealogy Centre, more specifically to the Web page for Aboriginal peoples.
Aboriginal Peoples – Canadian Genealogy Centre

Example 4

Question: A client would like to know which form to fill out to be exempt from taxes.
Answer: The ACP officer will provide the address of the Canada Revenue Agency Web site containing the form and extensive information on taxes applicable to Aboriginal peoples.
Aboriginal Peoples – Canada Revenue Agency

Example 5

Question: A client is interested in a job offer on the Job Centre site and would like to know what the position's specific duties are.
Answer: The ACP officer will provide the contact information for the employer from that organization.

To contact the ACP team, please feel free to use one of the options available (see the Contact Us section). A representative of the team will reply to you within 24 business hours. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).